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Challenge 309 Extension
Beam -- harmony033
djmustangsally wrote in trekicontest
I apologize for failing to post a reminder for this challenge. As a result, we don't have many entries, and I will extend the challenge for one week. Please enter Challenge 309: Characters with Y & Z Names by April 16 at 10 pm EDT. Thanks!!!

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Which of the following characters are okay to use for this challenge?

- Mirasta Yale
- Ishara Yar
- Tasha Yar
- Yareena
- Yeto
- Yog
- Yranac
- Yuta
- Yutan

- Zabo
- Zarabeth
- Zayner
- Zayra
- Zef'no
- Nagus Zek
- Zlangco
- Zolan
- Zora
- Groppler Zorn
- Zyree

all of them from the book "Star Trek Biographies", which covers all series and movies up to DS9 Season 2 and Generations

Any! You may use any of those characters listed. You may also find more ideas at the wiki from the original challenge post. I hope that helps!

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