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Mod Update
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djmustangsally wrote in trekicontest
Hello everyone! Happy 2017!

My deepest apologies for not updating for these past couple of months. I am very sorry I did not keep up with the community and update everyone as we started the new year.

Unfortunately, I have had some serious health issues since the holidays. After numerous tests and seeing new doctors, I am finally starting to get back to normal…or getting used to what the new normal will be. I am also starting a new training program for work, so I'll be settling into a better routine very soon. Unfortunately, with all these changes - some good, some not so great - I was unable to keep up with the community these past couple of months. That WILL be changing soon!

I will be getting caught up on the last open challenges. I will also get 2017 started with an open challenge, so get those creative juices flowing! Stay tuned, and before the end of the month we'll be getting back to a regular challenge schedule. Thank you so much for your continued interest and involvement with our fun and fabulous community! Thank you especially for your patience and understanding with me!

All the best,
Sally :)
trekicontest mod / harmony033 / djmustangsally

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Your health is always more important than an icontest! Glad to hear you're feeling better! ♥♥

Welcome back! Glad you're better.

All the best for you. <3

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